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  • Wei Jian 1:33 pm on April 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

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  • Wei Jian 11:13 pm on December 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    i thk..the magical part of me is gone..i… 

    i thk..the magical part of me is gone..i dun thk i can brg much difference to anythg at all

  • Wei Jian 6:34 pm on November 28, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    i am having a party tonight~

  • Wei Jian 6:28 pm on November 28, 2009 Permalink | Reply  


    Is the 1st anniversary for me and me darling’s relationship as couple yesterday and I am going to blog down what happended.

    Well, since I am doing something until quite late, and causing me to over slept and eventually made her very angry. I would really like to apologize to my dear la~
    So, we actually started dully since she angry me, so of course I tried to beg for her forgiveness etc. etc.

    Anyway, the first thing we did is this:

    New Moon aka Twilight 2 at Gurney plaza’s GSC
    The movie is quite nice, missed the front part though (cause I late, sorry dear~>.<)
    Is about a wolf and a vampire trying the get a human lady to love them(kinda special if you are comparing with other stories)
    Twilight 3(Eclipse) will be out next year 30th June, believe I will be there too~^^




    Next stop is lunch~
    Went to kochabi at Burma Road and we both had Minced Pork + Steel Egg+ some Veggie Rice there and a plate of “wo tip”(cantonese).
    There is one drink very suck here which is the Peach + Milk drink, don’t order it!
    Anyway, the food here are delicious and cheap laa~


    The beach~
    Somewhere at Sri Sayang Hotel there~
    Well, is the 1st time for both of us get to the beach and both of us are really really excited~
    Well, a shocking info that I get is…this is my girl girl first time to the beach lorh~hahaz, she’s scared of the water d laa actually, ok, as I am there~
    We didn’t get down to the water though, cause she misunderstood me that we are going to the beach, but no play water, so..we just go walking around under the sunnny sun~ playing with a bit of water~taking pictures~ and honestly, I have a lot fun there~^^
    We should really hang out at the beach more often, right?

    Great fun right??I really think so~

    After the beach, we went to Rasa Sayang hotel to borrow toilet and we took one picture there~sweet right? I think so too~

    As you can see, Hard Rock Penang~
    This place is truly awesome~
    The atmosphere is very nice and is really a nice place to hang out with friends, if you got the$$$$$=P




    After visiting her sister at Adventist Hospital who have just gave birth to a cute boy baby, we went to little cottage 2~

    We really have a great dinner there~is really very nice la~the atmosphere, the food~fuyohh~ we really had a great time there~




    After that, we have out time changing presents~hugs~saying something(secret) and after that I sent her home la~
    Really had a great, fantastic day la~
    Honey~sorry and I love you!











    • jie min 10:20 am on December 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      guy…congrazzzzzzzz…..after so long time i oni c tiok dis blog…wish u and tomato oways stay sweet~^^kakakz…..

  • Wei Jian 1:48 am on November 25, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    my penang bridge marathon experience 

    Well, guess no one will be believing me participate in this stamina consuming activity since most of you guys knw i grown f*t(a or i)~ Anyway, I did so~ Thanks to my dear that invite me to participate with her at the fun run as well as her mum and her dad(who took the half marathon).

    I’ll just skip to the happening day, well, I went to my hostel around 10am and she went with her parents. I met up with my dear hostel-mates and we all ready up and went to qbay around 1am(the roads close at 2am) and we manage to find a parking spot quite far away.

    Fun run starts at 7.30am in the morning,which means I have hours to wait and I have no idea what I should do. All I thought is to sit by the seaside with my dear and enjoy some sea breeze and enjoy the atmosphere..well~it never happen, my dear was slping at her car and hahaz, I was spending time alone at the seaside~(kesiannya)

    BUT! we still manage to hang out for about an hour and both of us went to slp at (OUR OWN) car(she acc her mum maaa~) frankly speaking, VIOS is quite a nice car to sleep on but only there is without mosquito, not so hot and quiet~ I really didn’t get a lot sleep and I am really sleepy even after I woke up.

    I woke up around 6.30am and went to find cying and we went in front of Eastin Hotel(starting point) together. sat around a tiang of eastin hotel and actually met a lot friends of mine and hers(Jit Siin dll laa~) then we kinda like do a little bit warm up and trying to talk something to keep the tense away.











    At eastin hotel d tiang there

    Well, honestly, i don’t really think I can actually still run 10km after all the long breaks I have after scouting and NS-ing. I once ran this marathon at the half run category(21km++) and I knw how exhausted it can be and well, I am not confident with myself for this run. No choice, I am here, at the starting point..with 10,000++ participants











    Starting point~

    Ok~this is the running part, well..the first few minutes is going very slow as it is toooooo crowded and we don’t even have a place to run, most of the participants are only walking and we just walk faster to some place where there is less people where we can start running.

    And finally, yea, we did run..the 1st 15 minutes is already killing me. I can already feel the muscle of my leg are going tight and I am starting to breath heavily. Well, we use the walk-run-walk-run method for this marathon as both of us have not doing our exercise regularly causing us to look like old people.

    So, we are kinda like,” ok, we run until that tree, then we walk k?” ” now we rest a while(by walking). then after that signboard, we run…k?”  yeah, this is what happen when both of us are talking during the marathon la~we are mostly puffing and don’t really talk about something else unless something that sounds like “jia you!”, “you can do it!”

    step by step we ran and ran and walk and walk, together and finally we go from eastin to the bridge, u-turn back to the island, to jelutong expressway, u-turn again towards queensbay and finally we pass the finishing line and got our certificates^^ hoorahhhh~~~











    after the long(but sweet) run~

    Relieffffff~ omg~feel soooo happy as I don’t believe I can really make it so long laa~thank you honey~hehe~=) muackszzz~

    I just really wan cut the detail short and skip to the part where I sleep. I sleep like a pig the following hours. After the race, I just went on with my hostel-mate to ‘da bao’ things, went back hostel, bath, eat…slp~I started around 12pm and I set my alarm at 2.30pm and guess what time i woke up??4pm~>.< I just put all my things at my bag and rush home as I have a dinner going on at night. And I have to tell you I am really really tired~xp

    might wanna challenge the half race next year though~train up wei jian!

    p/s: dear freinds who I met that day, take care and good luck in whatever you are doing, is great seeing you guys again~

  • Wei Jian 9:34 pm on November 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Welcome home~ 

    Leave this moment for my dear dear, just wanna tell her welcome home honey!
    Well, your hair grow long and really look very mature and leng lui and of course I love it!!!

    Anyway, welcome back and will spend all my time with you kie??Love you~

  • Wei Jian 9:00 pm on October 23, 2009 Permalink | Reply  




  • Wei Jian 3:06 pm on October 22, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    bad dream+ bad news 

    lolz..juz woke up from my nap, have some bad dreams..omg..
    when wake up..have bad news again..dear dear might not coming back this week


    aizzz..guess this is my particular bad day laa..

  • Wei Jian 12:48 am on October 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply  


    because last night very late sleep, so is for sure i woke up late today =P
    woke up around 10 and saw a message from my dear saying her dad went for Melaka for 2 weeks! for some training..pity her mum that have to stay home alone for the 2 weeks.haizz…nothing much I really can do laa..

    Anyway, we planed to go Queensbay today for a date and we did, went there, did some shopping~( bought colgate~XD) and she bought her stuff too la~ den we just hang around have some food and we registered for Penang Bridge Marathon(Fun Run)~adui…don’t know I still can run or not, later lose kids jiu xia sui liao..>.<

    we also went for the movies which is the 4 little guinea pig aka G-Force, kinda nice la~the action, graphics everything ,enjoyed it a lot~
    well, I can see that me dear is very tired with her home works la~u can see her sleeping while i drive~
    slpy pig

    (i sure kena pull ear later le~>.<)

    Really have to thanks her to spend time with me la~

    After that we go take away dinner from ‘wai sek gai'(chai leng park) den went to her house for dinner la, juz stayed a while and left for home sweet home la~

    Today is kinda tired d~but i would rather say it is fun~never feel bored when spend some quality time with her~

    Folks, my final is coming~arghhh~~~29th and 31st of oct~have to hit the books tomorrow onwards~

    • jie min 5:32 pm on October 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      kar you in ur final~~~~~~~~~

    • kerting 6:37 pm on October 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      tan wei jian! long time din c u liao~ also registered for penang bridge marathon..
      okok..then i wil meet u thr!!

  • Wei Jian 12:45 am on October 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Small present 

    Just received a small gift from my dear, introduce to you guys~

    mr red pig

    Mr. Red Pig~

    thanks to my dear nihh~like it~cz v v v q nehh~
    anyway, today i just stay at home laaa,den my gal gal came and visit me to help her wif her hwk laa~

    den night went for dinner..salmon~

    kinda lazy type time i cai type more laa

    • jie min 9:13 am on October 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      like tat present hor?wakakakak…,u ar,veli bad de lo…so nice de salmon there,can u pls introduce??haiz~i wan eat…

      • Wei Jian 12:36 am on October 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        many place can eat oso laa~

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